Lara Spevack from Oxshott

I enlisted the help of GF Fitness Trainer Ryan Delahaye as I wanted to be able to perform above the standard level required for the rigorous fitness tests of the British Army. I passed with flying colours after committing to GF Fitness’ kickstart program. I am so happy with the results gained including an amazing 7 inches of fat loss and 4% body fat reduction…and in such a short period of time! I am so much stronger, confident and happy! It’s great when people tell me this too! My posture has improved greatly and the benefits of total body strength and conditioning have me ready to serve with confidence in the British Army. If I wasn’t now serving in the British Army, I would still be training with GF Fitness Trainer Ryan as the results gained are amazing. I would wholeheartedly recommend GF Fitness and their amazing services.


Jaakko Kivinen from Cobham

I have tremendously enjoyed my Personal Training programme with GF Fitness trainer Ryan. Just 2mo nths into my 6 month programme, training twice per week, I can already feel and see great results. I am fitter, stronger and leaner.

Ryan is very determined and well prepared.  He is always punctual, a great plus for busy people like me. He also listens carefully and adjusts the programme to make it most effective in line with my specific goals.

He is very knowledgeable, is very clear with instructions and maintains a great balance of pushing my limits but also ensuring I have a proper warm up and cool down to minimise risk of injuries.

His martial arts experience makes him well rounded and versatile. While very professional, he also has a great sense of humour which makes every session with him fun and something to look forward to. I have no hesitation in recommending GF Fitness Trainer Ryan.


Simona Cutifani from Cobham

Training with GF Fitness Trainer Ryan has transformed my attitude towards exercise and healthy living. In a short amount of time, I am fitter and stronger than ever with a new sense of motivation to continue reaching my goals. Our amazing Personal Training sessions were always challenging, varied, fun and bespoke to my needs. Ryan really pushed me to my limits but at the same time, I had a great time doing so. An epic Personal Trainer who I have zero hesitation in recommending if you want to achieve life changing results.


Meet Alexandra Estwick from Cobham

My results are amazing.  The system totally works! Only 4 weeks into the program, I lost just over 8lb, I burnt off 4.5 inches of fat from my waist, 2 inches of fat from my hips, 1.5 inches off my thighs and 1 inch off my arms. My clothes fit me so much better and I feel fantastic.  Thank you for your personal dedication in helping me achieve my goals.


Meet Rod & Mary Lane from Oxshott

Josh is a first class personal trainer who takes the words “personal” and “trainer” very seriously indeed.  He devises training schemes for me and my wife that are tailored to our individual needs and always considering how best to protect and strengthen where we have suffered injuries.  His deep knowledge of the subject ensures that we have benefited greatly.  This is singularly down to focused personal training and Josh’s expertise.


Meet David White from Leatherhead

My wife and I had completely different objectives when we started but we have both benefited hugely from our semi private Personal Training program with Josh.   His enthusiasm is infectious and he has found the ideal balance of making the exercises challenging but achievable. He is versatile and very knowledgeable, and tailors each session to our specific goals for strengthening and increasing flexibility.   Our fitness and flexibility have improved greatly under his expert training and advice.


Meet Chris Shropshire

Training with Jessica has been life changing. Exercise has become a habit…a first for me! I’m not sure this could have happened with another trainer. She pushes me to the limit but in such a nice way, and we always have a good laugh. I’m of course happy with the 20 pounds I’ve lost! More importantly, I’m so grateful for how much better I feel. She truly is fantastic!


* the results achieved by following our coaching advice and specialised training systems may vary depending on each individuals circumstances. GF Fitness are committed to helping you reach your full potential and achieve your personal fitness goals. Your potential results and goals will discussed with you at your initial consultation.