What is Private Personal Training in Surrey & South London?

In-person Private Personal Training with GF Fitness is a mobile personal training service. No gym membership needed, no time wasted travelling to and from the gym, and you don’t need any equipment to get started – we come to you and we also advise and supply exercise equipment and home gym design. We use a hybrid approach where your personal training sessions are delivered in-person, and your tracking and accountability is managed online through a professional fitness app. The app has many useful features such as tracking your habits, nutrition, resting heart, sleep, steps, a private messaging feature, and much, much more.

What is our exercise and nutrition philosophy?

Our exercise philosophy is to keep it super simple. We believe in developing what we believe to be the 10 components of fitness: endurance; stamina; strength; flexibility; power; speed; coordination; agility; balance & accuracy. Our programmes are designed to develop each of these 10 components so that they’re all concurrently at their highest level, thus promoting long-term fitness.

Our nutrition philosophy is also to keep it super simple. Diet is fundamental if you are to lose fat, gain lean muscle mass, run a marathon, or get fitter and healthier. Short term diets are not something we advocate, why? They don’t work in the long term!

We have a long list of success stories from clients who have benefited and continue to benefit from our In-person Private Personal Training. We would love to help you, which is why we offer bespoke solutions for clients in Surrey & South London. In-person Private Personal Training includes:

  • Your Private Personal Sessions (between 2-4 sessions per week).
  • Bespoke exercise programmes designed for your specific goals and to maximise your time
  • Ongoing diet and nutrition advice (this will be based on your food diary)
  • Lifestyle analysis
  • Regular (minimum 1 x per week) non-face-to-face motivational contact
  • Periodic review & re-assessment of your health biomarkers and fitness respectively to determine your progress
  • Exercise equipment guidance, supply & home gym design (optional) (insert link to home gym page)
  • Supplementation guidance (optional)

To start your In-person Private Personal Training, your GF Fitness Personal Trainer will visit you at a time and place convenient for you to conduct a FREE lifestyle consultation.

This will offer your Personal Trainer critical insight into your current level of health & fitness, and to identify together with you the best way forward to achieve your goals as fast as possible.

Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain lean muscle mass, feel comfortable in your own skin, or run a marathon, we have a proven solution that’ll be tailored specifically for you. We’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve a variety of goals which is why to this day so many of them continue to entrust their goals, health and fitness to us.

When you work with us you join a team of elite, experienced fitness professionals who relentlessly pursue excellence. A team that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and uses their expertise to formulate unique solutions for each client. We understand that nobody wants to continue doing something they don’t enjoy, which is why we aim to make the journey as enjoyable as possible.

When you work with us you gain an enormous amount of leverage that can be used to fast-track your fitness and help you achieve your goals a lot faster. No more wondering, no more delaying, no more waiting for Monday to start over; the best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is right now.



Contact us today to book your FREE lifestyle consultation and start changing your life for the better!


Meet Dawn Drouin

I have been a cardio junkie since I was a teenager. After being introduced to Gerrard through a group of moms at school I signed up for twice a week sessions. I thought I was in pretty good shape but after one session I realized how weak I really was. Just after a couple weeks I became stronger, leaner and lost inches of fat. Gerrard is a great motivator and each week was a different routine which kept it interesting and fun. I was so glad I signed up with Gerrard and cannot believe how great I feel and look because if him.

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Meet Fritz Grunefled

I LOST 50LBS LAST YEAR! Together with this, my body fat dropped to 14% from “Obese”, I lost a combined total of 15 inches around my waist, chest & hips, plus my blood pressure is no longer hypertensive. For as long as I can remember, I always had difficulties to stick with a diet or fitness routine because of a stressful and demanding work environment. Starting to train with Gerrard changed this. His excellent fitness training is very flexible and versatile. It never gets boring and it is perfectly adjusted to my needs. It has energised my life and I don’t want to miss it. His nutritional coaching has built my awareness to eventually challenge bad habits and his motivational skills helped me to stay with it. I can only recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who is after a lasting change in their health and fitness and wants big time results.

See their story here

* the results achieved by following our coaching advice and specialised training systems may vary depending on each individuals circumstances. GF Fitness are committed to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals. Your potential results will discussed with you at your initial consultation and assessment