Many people wonder how on earth has GF Fitness been so successful in training 100’s of people over the last 8 years since the business was established!

No big box gym with expensive equipment, no treadmill or exercise bikes etc! If machines and equipment were the key to an effective and progressive training program then gyms would retain more than the 1 in 10 clients they do. Perhaps you have experienced this and are a former gym member yourself!

GF Fitness knows the importance of an effective training programme and brings to you the best equipment for your sessions.

We stay up to date with the latest trends, eliminate the wheat from the chaff and use only the equipment that will truly help you to CONQUER.

[toggle title=”TRX Suspension Trainer”]


This is one of the hottest pieces of equipment ever to hit the fitness industry. Using your body as the machine, you will burn calories efficiently due to the “integration” of muscles together as a connective unit and see big time results.


[toggle title=”Vipr”]


This piece of equipment is being used by many of the top sports teams in the world. Vipr is an acronym for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning. It bridges the gap between traditional “strength” training and “movement” training and is a world class exercise tool for your fitness goals.


[toggle title=”Bosu Balance Trainer”]


Bosu stands for “Both Sides Up” and refers to the 2 ways a Bosu ball can be positioned. It is excellent for use in rehabilitation, balance and overall body conditioning.


[toggle title=”Barbells”]


An equipment that has been around for many years and will continue to be around despite the mod cons of the fitness industry. A superb fitness tool to learn and master “Compound” strength movements which lays the foundation of any, if not most fitness goals.


[toggle title=”Flowin Friction Trainer”]


This unique tool offers a very efficient, comprehensive full-body workout. With the Flowin concept you will benefit from a great number of professionally designed exercises that challenges your body and stimulates your muscles in a unique setting.


[toggle title=”Medicine Balls”]


One of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning training, the first reference of which occurred in Persia some 3000 years ago! A dynamic tool for all fitness goals and client abilities.


[toggle title=”Reebok Deck”]


This tool is extremely versatile and doubles up as a traditional fitness “step” tool with different heights available and also as a fitness bench for use with dumbbells, barbells and resistance bands.


[toggle title=”Dumbbells”]


We use well calibrated, accurate dumbbells which are superb for shaping, building or sculpting your muscles.


[toggle title=”Powerbag”]

An “underground” fitness tool that creates an extra degree of intensity due to the sand moving around when performing movements. Your body constantly has to adapt to adjust to using this tool.


[toggle title=”KettleBells”]


An excellent fitness tool used to perform “ballistic” exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. Kettlebell training works your whole body simultaneously and therefore is fabulous for burning the calories efficiently and conditioning your body.


[toggle title=”Boxing Equipment”]


Clients love boxing, regardless of ability. A challenging and fun cardiovascular exercise that burns calories FAST. Also, a great stress buster!


[toggle title=”Swiss Ball”]


This renowned fitness tool makes your body respond to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, engaging more muscles and therefore helps your body gain stability and strength more efficiently.


[toggle title=”Foam Roller”]


The equipment is used by many professional athletes throughout the world and is commonly used in a rehabilitation setting. Helping you perform Self Myofascial Release (S.M.R), you will help alleviate your muscles “knots” so that your muscles communicate and contract more efficiently.


[toggle title=”Resistance Bands”]


You will be amazed at the plethora of exercises you can perform with essentially what is a large elastic band! Due to resistance increasing as you challenge your muscles at their end range of movement, you will certainly “feel the burn”!


[toggle title=”Speed, Agility, Quickness (S.A.Q Equipment)”]


These methods are extremely popular amongst the world’s top sports teams and athletes. If you are a sports person, S.A.Q training is a must. Also a great cardiovascular exercise tool, often used with Group Training Clients.


[toggle title=”Bodyblade”]


Many GF Fitness clients refer to this innocent looking tool as the “Wiggle Stick”! Formerly used only for rehabilitation purposes to help re-establish “Propriception”, it is now used among many of the world’s top fitness professionals as an exercise tool that will challenge your Core in a unique way.


[toggle title=”Battling Rope”]


A group training session favourite! Feel your WHOLE body work double hard as you attempt to undulate the rope. The question is: Can you handle it? Come and find out!


[toggle title=”Tractor Tyre”]


Integrate the majority of your body’s muscles together to flip a tractor tyre and experience your WHOLE body working as a unit. This leads to a HUGE afterburn effect and a super efficient calorie burn. A Group Training Session favourite!


Meet Dawn Drouin

I have been a cardio junkie since I was a teenager. After being introduced to Gerrard through a group of moms at school I signed up for twice a week sessions. I thought I was in pretty good shape but after one session I realized how weak I really was. Just after a couple weeks I became stronger, leaner and lost inches of fat. Gerrard is a great motivator and each week was a different routine which kept it interesting and fun. I was so glad I signed up with Gerrard and cannot believe how great I feel and look because if him.

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Meet Brenda Stout

I have moved around the US to various states and have used personal training services in a number of those places. Josh is the best trainer that I have ever worked with. His training always pushes me, and I feel I have really worked out after seeing him. He is great at tailoring the workouts to my abilities but still pushing me to improve. He is always prompt and friendly. I am always challenged with my time as I usually have to head to London to work after our sessions, and Josh always manages our training time such that we finish exactly on time. I am very happy with his services and will continue to use him for some time. I hope to have my husband and son signed up soon!

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