I don’t have enough time!


How many times have you said words to the effect of: “I don’t have enough time”? Lot’s right?! Don’t worry as you are not alone. Enough time for what? This expression more than any other is something that Fitness professionals the world over hear more than any other excuse, reason or explanation (call it what you want!) as to why a person hasn’t exercised, completed their program, prepared and cooked the right food….and all other areas related to health and fitness. “I wanted to do my workout but ran out of time”. “I don’t have enough time to whey, measure, prepare and cook the correct calorie and nutritionally balanced meal”.

Do these words ring any bells? I bet they do! Trust me, even I as Mr. Personal Trainer have fallen victim to the misuse of time. However, I encourage myself and all of my clients to understand this fundamental principle:

What I use my time for is a reflection of what is important to me. My use of time conveys my priorities.

Does that make sense to you? I hope it does. We go to work and spend 40, 50, 60, 70+ hours at work to pay the bills, put the kids through college and cover the retirement fund. This is a lot of time each and every week, but it is a priority and it is important. We spend time with family because it is important, it is a priority. These areas of life go without saying. But what about on the health & exercise front?
If you are reading this blog and think: “Yep, this sounds like me. I never seem to have enough time to train or get on top of my diet”.

Try the following switch:

– The next time you say: “I don’t have enough time for exercise”, swap it for “exercise isn’t a priority for me”.
– The next time you say: “I don’t have enough time to cook a healthy meal”, swap it for “healthy eating isn’t a priority for me.”

What do you think the effect of swapping these expressions over will have on you?

At the very least it will make you think about re prioritising what is important to you. Perhaps it will encourage you to realise that you haven’t been focusing enough on yourself. Having worked with 100’ of different people from all walks of life with numerous backgrounds and circumstances, this is a common denominator among those who want to make big time changes but never seem to get around to doing it, till it’s downright hard to do so or years and years have gone by. If you get on a plane flight, who are you instructed to attend to first in cases of emergency when you are required to wear a gas mask? YOURSELF!! Is this selfish? NO. You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others. You have to love yourself in order to love others.

So much of this relates to your use of time and your priorities.

“But it’s soo hard for me to really make the time Gerrard “…….I hear you say!

Try this:

– Get 2 large glasses of equal proportions.
– Fill 1 of the glasses with sugar till it is full.
– Put 5 OXO cubes on top of the glass of sugar.

It doesn’t all fit in the glass does it? Nope! OK, try this:

– Put the 5 OXO cubes at the bottom of the other glass.
– Now pour the sugar from the other glass on top of the 5 OXO cubes.

Does it all fit in? YES!

What am I going on about? This is an elaborate analogy, but a powerful one nonetheless. The glass represents the 7 days of a week. The sugar represents stuff we all have to do – work, shop, chrores, kids stuff, phone calls, emails etc etc….basically stuff that takes up the bulk of your time each week. The 5 OXO cubes represent what we all need to be doing in order to cover the basic nuts and bolts of health & fitness, namely – 1) Exercise, 2) Eat Healthy, 3) Sleep sufficiently, 4) Stay hydrate, 5) Manage stress levels.

When you put the sugar (stuff we have to do each week) in and tried to fit all the OXO cubes ( health and fitness stuff )in, the 5 OXO cubes didn’t fit. So guess what? They get sacrificed .

But when you put the 5 OXO cubes in first, followed by the other stuff we have to do, it all fits in. This may sound simplistic, but it is true! If you prioritise your health & fitness, you will find that you do get to fit in all the other stuff too. Plus you will have tons more energy to cope with modern multitasking life. Importantly you will find that instead of sacrificing important things such as your exercise regimen or healthy eating plans, you will sacrifice other non essential things such as watching the big black thing in the corner of your lounge or endlessly scanning social media network sites!

If you still feel that time is against you, I hope this blog encourages you to re-consider that. I hope you feel empowered to challenge your mental attitude and view yourself as a priority. Your use of time is a reflection of what is important to you, it conveys your priorities. Is your health and fitness important? Of course it is! Please prioritise it. You are worth it.

Crumble or CONQUER?
Gerrard Finlayson

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