Preparing for the Unknown


When we are faced with adversity i.e. being tested, the results are a reflection of our effort and behaviour.

When a golfer plays a round of golf, they are testing themselves. In-between their rounds they practice and prepare for the next round. If their putting was off, they would focus their efforts on putting. If their short game was lacking, they would practice their chipping and pitching. They would practice very specific parts of their game to improve their golf.

Crucially, the golfer knows what the “test” is, and when it will be. They know that they will be playing golf, and they know when they will be playing the round of golf. The “test” is known and they can prepare accordingly.

In life, the “test” is largely unknown. We don’t know what life may throw at us nor when, therefore, we as the general population are preparing for the unknown and unknowable.


We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control our response.

The most important conversation we have is the one we have with ourselves.

Examples of positive things we could say to ourselves:

I am the type of person who …

1. Believes that we live in a friendly world

2. Gives people the benefit of the doubt

3. Doesn’t gossip

4. Does the things that I say I’m going to do

5. Doesn’t eat processed sugar

6. Exercises 5-6 times per week

7. Spends quality time with family and loved ones

8. Sleeps for a minimum of 7 hours every night

9. Reads 5 pages of a book every day

10. Doesn’t look at their mobile phone when having face-to-face conversations

11. Keeps a daily journal


Our training protocol doesn’t advocate specificity. In fact, it advocates the complete opposite. We are preparing for the unknown and unknowable – that means being able to run, jump, skip, throw, lift, carry etc on demand.

Exercise is a great opportunity to improve our mental fortitude. When a particular movement or workout is challenging, we should be glad because it’s an opportunity to learn & grow. If we only did the things we were good at all the time, we wouldn’t know how to respond to adversity when it inevitably strikes.

Our task for our clients seeking GPP (general physical preparedness) is to ensure that they are ready for any task that life may throw at them. This is why our programming seeks to improve what we believe to be the 10 components of fitness: endurance; stamina; strength; flexibility; power; speed; coordination; agility; balance & accuracy. We are as fit as we are competent in each of these 10 components. The fitter we are, the better we can respond to any physical task that life throws at us.


Most people avoid struggle and discomfort. We believe in leaning into adversity, knowing it will make us better. There are zero things you can “earn” without putting in the work.

With COVID-19 we are currently in the midst of the unknown – what we have direct control over is our effort and behaviour.


There is very little genetic talent in the world. No one is born good at golf, running, or riding a bicycle. 99% of the time, when people are good at things, it’s the result of dedication to a craft.


Every day we are inundated with choices. All of those small, seemingly insignificant choices matter. When laid end-to-end, they add up to something extraordinary: The decision to push yourself until the very last second of a workout (or not). The decision to exercise, day after day, despite the pain that waits for you there (or not). The decision to go all-in on nutrition (or not). The decision to commit to warming-up and cooling-down (or not). The decision to make sleep a priority (or not). The decision to improve your mindset (or not).

Regardless of your current circumstances, you can do something about your effort and behaviour.

We are currently unable to train our clients face-to-face, therefore, we are training our clients online. Same goals, different method, same results. We are remotely delivering their personal training sessions through various apps with video capability. We are remotely keeping our clients accountable and continue to support them along every step of their journey toward their health and fitness goals.

This is who we are. We see opportunities instead of obstacles. We are incredibly proud to see the optimistic and resilient response from our clients, a true reflection of their hard work that they’ve put in and continue to put in.

Who you are in extreme adversity is a reflection of who you are in practice; no more, no less.

We hope you found this information valuable. If you have a burning question or if you’re looking for a professional personal trainer to help you on your health & fitness journey, please do contact us

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