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Mindsets and Motivations

Although they would be mentioned in the same bracket of psychological frameworks, Mindset and Motivation are two different principles. Adopting one of these principles can make you successful, adopting both of these can make you unstoppable. How do these two principles make a difference in our training lives, our physical achievements, our health?

Take a look at your work life, or your family life even. Would you say that you are a doting father, or mother? Would you say that you are successful in business or at work? In my life I have been fortunate enough to meet people with phenomenal mindsets, people that push the boundaries and status quo of most of their environments. These types of people are the type of people that “could do anything they put their mind to”. It is a beautiful thing to have that resilience, tenacity and inexorable nature to succeed on your chosen path, it really is. I have to admit that these people were mostly in business, or the work place, highly successful people that would be up at 4am and sleep at 11pm working off pure drive and determination to get to their goals. It would seem that these mindsets are not reared, instead, seem to be some physiological incumbency that they just need to achieve, they need targets. We all have the mindset of a champion inside of us, its ability to manifest itself mostly derives from our reason to invoke it. 

On to my next point, what is your Motivation? You see, there are so many people out there that say that they cannot train, exercise, whatever you want to call it – because they are “busy”. If that mindset is not invoked and your days were spent indoors eating and procrastinating it would be because you are lazy! If that mindset is being used up elsewhere, at work or family, then you already have unlocked one of the doors it is just that your motivation is not congruent for that activity.

So therein lies my confusion, my question, my perpetual misunderstanding human nature. Some of the most amazing people in the work place, or business owners, they are fastidious by nature, they have a relentless work ethic for financial reward and a burning desire to be the best at what they do. These traits are not found in the whole of the UK, they exist in all of us, but they are only invoked when one can summon the motivation then subsequently the mindset to execute. These people perform to the highest standards at all times on their chosen path and they have an effervescence unmatched by their competition. Am I talking to you? Are you one of those people with a burning tenacity, relentless and uncompromising in your efforts?

If you already have found your Mindset, you know how to invoke it, yield its power to the benefit of your pocket, your family, your life – then at some juncture – you also found that motivation. It is the motivation that sparks the fire in mindset’s pit, it is motivation that, when times get hard, keeps you working relentlessly through the knock backs and ups and downs of daily life. As a sales person to sales admin, mindset and motivation are transferable skill. The irony is that so many people have the mindset of a champion when it comes to their work, therein lies the motivation; yet when it comes to their health, they are “too busy”. Here is the worlds worst kept secret, I am going to share it with you. I want it to resonate because I only focus on reality when I speak: Exercise adds years to your life. If that is not motivation enough to invoke the mindset of a champion into training, then I do not know what will. In this life full of distraction we sometimes forget the very basics and we prioritise things above our own health. Why? It is not because we do not care, that would be farcical, it is because we forget. We forget the doctor exists until we get sick, we forget what dentists do, until a tooth falls out; we forget our fitness, the ramifications of doing so can be worse than the dentist appointment. Sometimes we need a snap back to reality, just a reminder, like when we get a cough in the flu season, we are quick to get our vitamins down then!

Motivation and Mindset, although different, go hand in hand. Our motivation lies in each and every one of us, find yours and we will help you find that mindset – make you unstoppable. Your motivation could go back years and years, it could be a childhood dream, it could be an aesthetic goal in the short term, it could be something much deeper and more meaningful but believe me your motivation for a healthier lifestyle exists.

Train Hard, Leave Inspired!

GF Fitness

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