Beating the January Blues


So what are you going to do? You’ve let the festive season get to your head, you’ve eaten one mince pie too many, drunk a few more glasses of mulled wine than you intended, and all those chocolates sitting around were just begging to be eaten. Lo and behold, you have a little muffin top and when you stand on the scales you well and truly feel like a heffa.

It’s January. We’ve moved from Tis the Season to be Jolly to the January Blues and the fact you can’t fit into your jeans makes you want to curl up on your bed with the duvet pulled firmly over your head.

But all is not lost.

Exercise is the single biggest way to shift those January blues. Moving every day – going out for walks, runs, bike rides, hitting that exercise class helps to shift the blues away. But be careful: don’t go crazy putting peddle to the metal in the first week otherwise (1) your body will just want to shrivel up and die and, (2) it’s guaranteed, you won’t stick to your exercise. Build it up gradually.

Also, diarise your exercise sessions, just like the appointments you block in your diary for the doctor, dentist, hair – exercise is the same thing. It’s about making the time to care about your body – inside and out. If it’s blocked in your diary, there’s a greater likelihood that you will actually do it.

AND watch what you eat.

Weight loss amounts to a simple game of maths. If you want to shift some weight it’s about calories in versus calories out. You need to create a small calorie deficit so you can lose some weight.

That doesn’t mean that you should survive on a pound of celery every day for the next four weeks. Instead, try to reduce the intake of things you know will pile on the pounds. Our philosophy at GF Fitness is about healthy eating, feeling full, replenished and brimming with energy which comes from a good diet of protein, fresh vegetables and fruit, slow-burning carbs and plenty of water.

Ultimately, it’s about how you look and how you feel. At GF Fitness, we believe that our clients should be lean and mean. That doesn’t mean we want to bulk you up like Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Instead, we aim to help our clients reduce body fat and slim down by putting a tailored exercise and nutrition regime.

Everyone is different.

What works for one client may not work for the next. We assess how our clients respond to different work-out plans and how it fits in with what they want to achieve.

Over the next few weeks, I will post blogs on fitness and nutrition and hopefully dispel some of the myths and answer questions you may have about exercise and a good diet.

One thing is clear though, skinny is out. We want all our clients to be strong and fit and feel good about themselves. It’s about building body confidence and changing habits which yield benefits inside and out. What better way than to beat the January blues!

By Gerrard Finlayson – GF Fitness Owner

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