The Right Fitness Mindset


I’ve seen it happen quite a few times…

I meet two people, both have started an exercise regime at about the same time, both have approximately the same body type and the same fitness goals. Neither has an obvious advantage over the other. But one gets tremendous body transformation results quickly, while the other continues to flounder and struggle.

What separates the two? What makes the difference? It’s not a matter of intelligence, natural ability or even desire. Both *really* want to improve their bodies and both understand what must be done to get the results they want.

So what is it? Well, the difference always comes down to two things…

2) Working within a STRUCTURED system

Lets talk a little about 1) The RIGHT Mindset. So, there’s two pathways, 1 leads to success, the other to failure! What makes the difference? What makes one person successful and the other fail? It’s NOT:

     How smart or naturally able they are….

     That they’re better than you….

     How lucky they are….

     That this stuff comes “easy” for them….

    How “special” they are….

So what is it then? The answer lies in the mirror! A common denominator with those who are successful is that they see themselves and the world differently, and they are clear on what and who they are!

Here’s a great quote which I love: “A negative thinker sees a difficulty in every opportunity. A positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty.” So we make a choice for better or worse, but it is us that makes the choice to see an opportunity or to focus on the difficulty.

Here are some things that I have heard folks say and therefore believe, which inevitably result in failure:

     “They’re special – I could never do that.” Are they just born special?

     “I’m not that motivated” OR “I know this stuff already.” Why aren’t you motivated? There is a massive difference between knowing and doing.

     “Im not worth that much….I could never pay that much for a Personal Trainer.” You are worth it. Is what you’re paying right now getting you anywhere?

     “I just need to find the magic bullet”. Ah, instant gratification, the get rich quick mindset! There’s no such thing in reality. Keep believing this and you will continue down the pathway to failure.

Here’s the truth! “They” are not special, so stop thinking that way! Winning and being successful with your fitness starts with believing that you can do it. You must allow yourself to be in an environment that will challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Another great quote: “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room!” Likewise, when it comes to your fitness, if you’re not being challenged week in week out then “you’re in the wrong room” so to speak! As Michael Jordan famously stated:

The “others” in this quote are usually a small minority, but we can learn from them nonetheless.

A person that is successful is laser focused. It is incredibly easy to become distracted on the path to success. Life is busy and stuff happens which can throw us off track. You need to remain focused on where you’re going and why you need to get there. But like Will Smith said in one of my favourite movies:

The bottom line: YOU are the key to your success! Almost every successful person starts with two beliefs: “the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.” Take control of your MINDSET.

Going back to my introduction regarding one person that succeeds and the other that flounders. As said, Mindset is the number 1 factor. The second is: working within a STRUCTURED system

The truth is that almost all of us, me included, perform best when we have a structured system to work within. Having worked at several of the UK’s largest and well known health clubs, one thing that had me knocking on the door to join GF Fitness’ elite team of Personal Trainers was this: they have an amazing system in place that they refuse to water down just for the sake and appearance of having more clients that potentially fills up time! They are truly about results and what is best for their clients, they know what people need to do and they stick to it.

GF Fitness’ system requires commitment for sure. Why? Well, it wouldn’t be honest, right, or effective for us to say: “let’s do some sessions here and there and see how it goes!” Winging it is a recipe for failure. “It sounds too strict” I hear you say! Well, frankly…..please read above regarding Mindset!

The other thing too is that it isn’t one amazing exercise, an amazing diet, or some special wizardy that make fitness work. You can use a TRX, Kettlebells, Barbells…..whatever. These are all great by the way! But, it again comes back to having a system in place that you will adhere and stick to. Being consistent, regular and progressive in your training, mindset and nutrition is really what it is all about. Having a system, which breaks all of these essential components into simple steps is what we provide our clients.

The Personal Training system within GF Fitness takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of the equation. That’s why I’m here and I would l love the privilege of helping you head down the pathway to fitness success. We have limited availability for a select few clients who are committed and hungry for amazing life changing results.

By Ryan Delahaye

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