GF Fitness was founded by Gerrard Finlayson in 2005.

Leading a team of energetic, positive, and like-minded fitness professionals, GF Fitness has earned a reputation for exceptional Personal Training solutions and delivering exceptional results, especially to our client’s waistlines!

We’ve worked with people from all walks of life; from Celebrities, busy Mums, and retired Pensioners, to C.E.O’s, Triathletes, and Office Workers. The type of clients we work with may vary, but we remain consistent – consistently on time, consistently prepared, consistently professional – because we believe in modelling the behaviour we expect, and consistency is incredibly important to us. We could design the best exercise programmes, but if our clients don’t  consistently show up and put in the work, the programme is  redundant.

Equally important to us is teamwork. Look into the stories of most high achievers and you’ll likely find that they have a coach or mentor. Usain Bolt, arguably the greatest sprinter of all time, had a coach. Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest golfer of all time, had a coach. The late Steve Jobs, who co-founded Apple Inc. and changed the world by pioneering mobile telephones amongst other things, could not have done it without a team. A coach or mentor offers leverage, which in turn

could speed up the process. Our clients don’t have to waste time making their own mistakes, figuring it out for themselves or learn the hard way; the GF Fitness team have over 25 years of collective experience and proven Personal Training solutions, providing a significant amount of leverage to our clients and ultimately helping them achieve their fitness goals as fast as possible.

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Time is a scarce commodity that is only becoming scarcer by the day. Perhaps the most common reason cited by potential clients for not exercising is simply not having the time, which is why we offer a mobile personal training service. No gym membership needed, no time wasted travelling to and from the gym– we come to you and have done so since our formation in 2005. If you’re not in the Surrey or South London area fear not, we also work with many of our clients remotely, either through live one-to-one online video sessions, or easy-to-follow programmes  through a professional fitness app. In fact, we work with all our clients through the app regardless if we’re working with them in-person or remotely; the app has many useful features such as tracking your habits, nutrition, resting heart, sleep, steps, a private messaging feature, and much, much more.


Collectively, we have trained hundreds of clients and delivered thousands, if not tens of thousands of personal training sessions. This has allowed us to really refine our systems and gives us the flexibility to tailor our approach for each individual thus ensuring maximum effectiveness. When you’ve been doing this for as long as we have and seen and heard the hundreds of success stories, we can’t help but have the utmost confidence in our systems and solutions, so much so that we offer a 100% GUARANTEE* that you’ll see measurable results if you stick to your program for at least 12 weeks!

Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain lean muscle mass, feel comfortable in your own skin, or run a marathon, we have a proven solution that’ll be tailored specifically for you. We’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve a variety of goals which is why to this day so many of them continue to entrust their goals, health and fitness to us.

Our exercise philosophy is to keep it super simple. We believe in promoting long-term fitness. We design your personal training to ensure you achieve the best possible results in the most efficient time with pin point accuracy. We want you to enjoy the process too, but our clients and us take even greater satisfaction from the results they achieve and most importantly sustain.

Our nutrition philosophy is also to keep it super simple. Diet is fundamental if you are to lose fat, gain lean muscle mass, run a marathon, or get fitter and healthier. Short term diets are not something we advocate, why? They don’t work in the long term! In the least restrictive way, we will coach you through small regular changes to your diet that lead to long term sustainable change.

When you work with us you join a team of elite, experienced fitness professionals who relentlessly pursue excellence. A team that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and uses all their expertise to formulate unique solutions for each client. We understand that nobody wants to continue doing something they don’t enjoy, which is why we aim to make the journey as enjoyable as possible. When you work with us you gain an enormous amount of leverage that can be used to fast- track your fitness and help you achieve your goals a lot faster. No more wondering, no more delaying, no more waiting for Monday to start over; the best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is right now.

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Meet Dawn Drouin

I have been a cardio junkie since I was a teenager. After being introduced to Gerrard through a group of moms at school I signed up for twice a week sessions. I thought I was in pretty good shape but after one session I realized how weak I really was. Just after a couple weeks I became stronger, leaner and lost inches of fat. Gerrard is a great motivator and each week was a different routine which kept it interesting and fun. I was so glad I signed up with Gerrard and cannot believe how great I feel and look because if him.

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Meet Brenda Stout

I have moved around the US to various states and have used personal training services in a number of those places. My GF Fitnesss trainer is the best trainer that I have ever worked with. His training always pushes me, and I feel I have really worked out after seeing him. He is great at tailoring the workouts to my abilities but still pushing me to improve. He is always prompt and friendly. I am always challenged with my time as I usually have to head to London to work after our sessions, and he always manages our training time such that we finish exactly on time. I am very happy with his services and will continue to use him for some time. I hope to have my husband and son signed up soon!

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* results can vary and your potential results will discussed with you at your initial consultation. Full details of the guarantee are available from your trainer at the free initial consultation.