GF Fitness was founded by Gerrard Finlayson in 2005.

With energetic, positive and like minded fitness professionals added to the team, GF Fitness have made a huge impact as Personal Trainers in Surrey & South London, especially to people’s waist lines!

We are a mobile Personal Training company, we come to you. We provide Personal Training programmes in Surrey & South London.

Time is a major factor that prevents people from exercising enough to achieve desired results. You don’t have to travel to a gym. We provide fitness industry leading equipment to train you, click here to see what equipment you’ll be using.  

Our program design is tested and proven with hundreds of people to get them results.  The programming we use is not rigid, but flexible and specific to your needs.

Regardless of what your goals are, our system truly works! This particularly relates to fat burning/weight loss.

We have mastered the art of metabolic coaching through a combination of compound strength training moves, functional exercise and high intensity cardio. This basically equates to you creating a huge EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) level where your body continues to recruit higher levels of oxygen to recover, and therefore creates a greater calorie burn post workout.

This in turn helps create a large calorie deficit, the bottom line in fat burning. In fact, we are so confident in our Personal Training systems that we offer a 100% GUARANTEE * that you will see measurable results if you stick to the program!

Your nutrition/diet is a cornerstone of your Fitness Training experience.

If you live in Cobham and you are interested in finding a health and fitness program in Cobham, you’ve come to the right place. Our programs are the ideal solution in the long run and you can count on our specialists for continuous support. Short term diets are not something we advocate. Why? They don’t work long term! If you are to burn fat, lose weight, build lean muscle and get fitter than ever your diet will be fundamental in importance. As your Personal Trainer, we will coach you through small regular changes to your diet that lead to long term sustainable change. Click here for more information on your nutrition.

Personal Training with us works as we are adaptable to your environment and circumstances.

We appreciate that you are an individual. To us, you’re not just a number or a unit. You are an important human being that needs our guidance and expertise.

GF Fitness has worked with Celebrities, busy Mums, retired pensioners, C.E.O’s, Triathletes, Office Workers…people from all walks of life. Book your FREE consultation today.

Meet Dawn Drouin

I have been a cardio junkie since I was a teenager. After being introduced to Gerrard through a group of moms at school I signed up for twice a week sessions. I thought I was in pretty good shape but after one session I realized how weak I really was. Just after a couple weeks I became stronger, leaner and lost inches of fat. Gerrard is a great motivator and each week was a different routine which kept it interesting and fun. I was so glad I signed up with Gerrard and cannot believe how great I feel and look because if him.

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Meet Brenda Stout

I have moved around the US to various states and have used personal training services in a number of those places. My GF Fitnesss trainer is the best trainer that I have ever worked with. His training always pushes me, and I feel I have really worked out after seeing him. He is great at tailoring the workouts to my abilities but still pushing me to improve. He is always prompt and friendly. I am always challenged with my time as I usually have to head to London to work after our sessions, and he always manages our training time such that we finish exactly on time. I am very happy with his services and will continue to use him for some time. I hope to have my husband and son signed up soon!

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* results can vary and your potential results will discussed with you at your initial consultation. Full details of the guarantee are available from your trainer at the free initial consultation.