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The Right Fitness Mindset

I've seen it happen quite a few times… I meet two people, both have started an exercise regime at about the same time, both have approximately the same body type and the same fitness goals. Neither has an obvious advantage over the other. But one gets tremendous body transformation results quickly, while the other continues to flounder and struggle. What separates the two? What makes the difference? It's not a matter of intelligence, natural ability or even desire. Both *really* want to improve their bodies and both understand what must be done to get the results they want. So what…

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What are the best exercises?

What are the best exercises? This question is something that fitness professionals are asked ALL THE TIME!! The real answer is that the best exercises are purely dependant on what your goals are. I remember training a client to run a marathon. Sounds obvious, but the best exercise for him was to run! Ok Gerrard, what are the best exercises for the vast majority of us who want to be strong, lean and fit? Well taking aside a good healthy diet, if I was only ever allowed to use 3 exercises for the rest of my life it would be…

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Making A Lasting Change

At the beginning of every year, millions of people worldwide start their “new year’s resolution” to get fit, shed the fat, to make a change, but then stop. At other times, people start training with a personal trainer, join a gym, invest in exercise equipment, buy all the best workout clothes with the endeavour to get themselves in shape, tone up, make a change, but then it comes to an end. People start a diet to make a change, but then old habits die hard! People start a smoking cessation program, but then revert back to old behaviours. This happens…

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I don’t have enough time!

How many times have you said words to the effect of: “I don’t have enough time”? Lot’s right?! Don’t worry as you are not alone. Enough time for what? This expression more than any other is something that Fitness professionals the world over hear more than any other excuse, reason or explanation (call it what you want!) as to why a person hasn’t exercised, completed their program, prepared and cooked the right food....and all other areas related to health and fitness. “I wanted to do my workout but ran out of time”. “I don’t have enough time to whey, measure,…

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